IFC 4.3.x development IfcEventTime

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added Semantic definitions at the entity

IfcEventTime captures the time-related information about an event including the different types of event dates (i.e. actual, scheduled, early, and late).

All given values should be provided by the application, that is, the IFC schema does not deal with dependencies between process time values. At this stage there is also no consistency check through where rules that guarantee a meaningful population of date values. Thus, an application is responsible to provide reasonable values and, if an application receives event dates, has to make consistency checks by their own.

IfcEventTime furthermore provides a generic mechanism to differentiate between user given time values and time values derived from user given time values and other constraints such as work calendars and assigned resources (derived from the process graph). The data origin flag is provided as a single attribute applying to all date time related attributes of IfcEventTime.

HISTORY  New entity in IFC4. Attributes

#Attribute Type Description
1Name OPTIONAL IfcLabel Optional name for the time definition.
2DataOrigin OPTIONAL IfcDataOriginEnumSpecifies the origin of the scheduling time entity. It currently

differentiates between predicted, simulated, measured, and user defined values.
3UserDefinedDataOriginOPTIONAL IfcLabel Value of the data origin if DataOrigin attribute is USERDEFINED.
4ActualDate OPTIONAL IfcDateTime The date on which an event actually occurs. It is a measured value.
5EarlyDate OPTIONAL IfcDateTime The earliest date on which an event can occur. It is a calculated value.
6LateDate OPTIONAL IfcDateTime The latest date on which an event can occur. It is a calculated value.
7ScheduleDate OPTIONAL IfcDateTime The date on which an event is scheduled to occur.

The value might be measured or somehow calculated, which is defined by

ScheduleDataOrigin. Entity inheritance

dot_inheritance IfcEventTime IfcEventTime IfcSchedulingTime IfcSchedulingTime IfcEventTime->IfcSchedulingTime IfcSchedulingTime_children 4 more... IfcSchedulingTime_children->IfcSchedulingTime Formal representations

ENTITY IfcEventTime
 SUBTYPE OF (IfcSchedulingTime);
	ActualDate : OPTIONAL IfcDateTime;
	EarlyDate : OPTIONAL IfcDateTime;
	LateDate : OPTIONAL IfcDateTime;
	ScheduleDate : OPTIONAL IfcDateTime;