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added Semantic definitions at the entity

The IfcIndexedTextureMap provides the mapping of the 2-dimensional texture coordinates to the surface onto which it is mapped. It is used for mapping the texture to faces of tessellated face sets.

The IfcIndexedTextureMap defines an index into an indexed list of texture coordinates. The TexCoords are a two-dimensional list of texture coordinates provided by two parameter values. Subtypes of IfcIndexedTextureMap establish the index attribute corresponding to subtypes of IfcTessellatedFaceSet defining the corresponding index lists of vertices.

HISTORY  New entity in IFC4. Attributes

#Attribute Type Description
1Maps LIST [1:?] OF IfcSurfaceTextureReference to the one (or many in case of multi textures with identity transformation to geometric surfaces) subtype(s) of IfcSurfaceTexture that are mapped to a geometric surface by the texture coordinate transformation.
2MappedTo IfcTessellatedFaceSet Reference to the IfcTessellatedFaceSet to which it applies the texture map.
3TexCoords IfcTextureVertexList Indexable list of texture vertices. Entity inheritance

dot_inheritance IfcIndexedTriangleTextureMap IfcIndexedTriangleTextureMap IfcIndexedTextureMap IfcIndexedTextureMap IfcIndexedTriangleTextureMap->IfcIndexedTextureMap IfcTextureCoordinate IfcTextureCoordinate IfcIndexedTextureMap->IfcTextureCoordinate IfcTextureCoordinateGenerator IfcTextureCoordinateGenerator IfcTextureCoordinateGenerator->IfcTextureCoordinate IfcPresentationItem IfcPresentationItem IfcTextureCoordinate->IfcPresentationItem IfcTextureMap IfcTextureMap IfcTextureMap->IfcTextureCoordinate IfcPresentationItem_children 16 more... IfcPresentationItem_children->IfcPresentationItem Formal representations

ENTITY IfcIndexedTextureMap
 SUBTYPE OF (IfcTextureCoordinate);
	MappedTo : IfcTessellatedFaceSet;
	TexCoords : IfcTextureVertexList;