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added Semantic definitions at the entity

IfcMaterialRelationship defines a relationship between part and whole in material definitions (as in composite materials). The parts, expressed by the set of RelatedMaterials, are material constituents of which a single material aggregate is composed.

HISTORY New entity in IFC4 Attributes

#Attribute Type Description
1Name OPTIONAL IfcLabel A name used to identify or qualify the relationship.
2Description OPTIONAL IfcText A description that may apply additional information about the relationship.
3RelatingMaterialIfcMaterial Reference to the relating material (the composite).
4RelatedMaterialsSET [1:?] OF IfcMaterialReference to related materials (as constituents of composite material).
5Expression OPTIONAL IfcLabel Information about the material relationship refering for example to the amount of related materials in the composite material.

> NOTE  Any formal meaning of the Expression string value has to be established in model view definitions or implementer agreements. No such formal language is provided as part of this specification. Entity inheritance

dot_inheritance IfcMaterialRelationship IfcMaterialRelationship IfcResourceLevelRelationship IfcResourceLevelRelationship IfcMaterialRelationship->IfcResourceLevelRelationship IfcResourceLevelRelationship_children 8 more... IfcResourceLevelRelationship_children->IfcResourceLevelRelationship Formal representations

ENTITY IfcMaterialRelationship
 SUBTYPE OF (IfcResourceLevelRelationship);
	RelatingMaterial : IfcMaterial;
	RelatedMaterials : SET [1:?] OF IfcMaterial;
	Expression : OPTIONAL IfcLabel;