IFC 4.3.x development IfcPlaneAngleMeasure Semantic definitions at the entity

An IfcPlaneAngleMeasure is the value of an angle in a plane.

Usually measured in radian (rad, m/m = 1), but also grads may be used. The grad unit has to be declared as a conversion based unit based on radian unit.

NOTE  IfcPlaneAngleMeasure is used where angles need to be described to an accuracy of less than one degree and expressed as decimal parts of an angle. It is widely used for angular measurement except for situations where accuracy needs to be defined using arc measurement; for which purpose the IfcCompoundPlaneAngleMeasure is provided.

Type: REAL

NOTE  Type adapted from plane_angle_measure defined in ISO 10303-41.

HISTORY  New type in IFC1.5.1. Formal representations

TYPE IfcPlaneAngleMeasure = REAL;