IFC 4.3.x development IfcTelecomAddress

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additions attributes MessagingIDs
additions where_rules MinimumDataProvided
deletions where_rules WR1
modificationsattributes WWWHomePageURL definitionChanged from IfcLabel to IfcURIReference Semantic definitions at the entity

This entity represents an address to which telephone, electronic mail and other forms of telecommunications should be addressed.

HISTORY  New entity in IFC2x.

IFC4 CHANGE  Added attribute MessagingIDs. Type of attribute WWWHomePageURL compatibly changed from IfcLabel to IfcURIReference. Attributes

# Attribute Type Description
1 Purpose OPTIONAL IfcAddressTypeEnum Identifies the logical location of the address.
2 Description OPTIONAL IfcText Text that relates the nature of the address.
3 UserDefinedPurpose OPTIONAL IfcLabel Allows for specification of user specific purpose of the address beyond the

enumeration values provided by Purpose attribute of type IfcAddressTypeEnum.

When a value is provided for attribute UserDefinedPurpose, in parallel the

attribute Purpose shall have enumeration value USERDEFINED.
OfPerson SET [0:?] OF IfcPerson FOR Addresses The inverse relationship to Person to whom address is associated.
OfOrganization SET [0:?] OF IfcOrganization FOR AddressesThe inverse relationship to Organization to whom address is associated.
4 TelephoneNumbers OPTIONAL LIST [1:?] OF IfcLabel The list of telephone numbers at which telephone messages may be received.
5 FacsimileNumbers OPTIONAL LIST [1:?] OF IfcLabel The list of fax numbers at which fax messages may be received.
6 PagerNumber OPTIONAL IfcLabel The pager number at which paging messages may be received.
7 ElectronicMailAddressesOPTIONAL LIST [1:?] OF IfcLabel The list of Email addresses at which Email messages may be received.
8 WWWHomePageURL OPTIONAL IfcURIReference The world wide web address at which the preliminary page of information for the person or organization can be located.

> NOTE  Information on the world wide web for a person or organization may be separated into a number of pages and across a number of host sites, all of which may be linked together. It is assumed that all such information may be referenced from a single page that is termed the home page for that person or organization.
9 MessagingIDs OPTIONAL LIST [1:?] OF IfcURIReference IDs or addresses for any other means of telecommunication, for example instant messaging, voice-over-IP, or file transfer protocols. The communication protocol is indicated by the URI value with scheme designations such as irc:, sip:, or ftp:. Entity inheritance

dot_inheritance IfcTelecomAddress IfcTelecomAddress IfcAddress IfcAddress IfcTelecomAddress->IfcAddress IfcPostalAddress IfcPostalAddress IfcPostalAddress->IfcAddress Formal representations

ENTITY IfcTelecomAddress
 SUBTYPE OF (IfcAddress);
	TelephoneNumbers : OPTIONAL LIST [1:?] OF IfcLabel;
	FacsimileNumbers : OPTIONAL LIST [1:?] OF IfcLabel;
	PagerNumber : OPTIONAL IfcLabel;
	ElectronicMailAddresses : OPTIONAL LIST [1:?] OF IfcLabel;
	WWWHomePageURL : OPTIONAL IfcURIReference;
	MessagingIDs : OPTIONAL LIST [1:?] OF IfcURIReference;
	MinimumDataProvided : EXISTS (TelephoneNumbers) OR
EXISTS (FacsimileNumbers) OR 
EXISTS (PagerNumber) OR
EXISTS (ElectronicMailAddresses) OR 
EXISTS (MessagingIDs);