IFC 4.3.x development Pset_FanOccurrence Semantic definitions at the entity

Fan occurrence attributes attached to an instance of IfcFan.

Name Type Description
ApplicationOfFan IfcPropertySingleValueOther: Other type of application not defined above.
CoilPosition IfcPropertySingleValueBlowThrough: Fan located upstream of the coil.
DischargeType IfcPropertySingleValueDamper: Discharge into a damper.
FanMountingType IfcPropertySingleValueDefines the method of mounting the fan in the building.
FractionOfMotorHeatToAirStreamIfcPropertySingleValueFraction of the motor heat released into the fluid flow.
ImpellerDiameter IfcPropertySingleValueDiameter of compressor impeller - used to scale performance of geometrically similar compressors.
MotorPosition IfcPropertySingleValueOutOfAirStream: Fan motor is out of the air stream.