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additions where_rules ApplicableMappedRepr
modificationsinverses MapUsage definitionChanged from SET OF [0:?] IfcMappedItem FOR MappingSource to SET OF [0:?] IfcShapeAspect FOR PartOfProductDefinitionShape
modificationsinverses MapUsage name Changed from MapUsage to HasShapeAspects






deletionswhere_rulesApplicableMappedRepr Semantic definitions at the entity

An IfcRepresentationMap defines the base definition (also referred to as block, cell or macro) called MappedRepresentation within the MappingOrigin. The MappingOrigin defines the coordinate system in which the MappedRepresentation is defined.

NOTE  Definition according to ISO/CD 10303-43:1992
A representation map is the identification of a representation and a representation item in that representation for the purpose of mapping. The representation item defines the origin of the mapping. The representation map is used as the source of a mapping by a mapped item.

The RepresentationMap is used through an IfcMappeditem in one or several IfcShapeRepresentation's. An Cartesian transformation operator can be applied to transform the MappedRepresentation into the placement coordinate system of the shape representation. The transformation of the representation map is restricted to be a Cartesian transformation mapping (translation, rotation, mirroring and scaling).

NOTE  The definition of a mapping which is used to specify a new representation item comprises a representation map and a mapped item entity. Without both entities, the mapping is not fully defined. Two entities are specified to allow the same source representation to be mapped into multiple new representations.

NOTE  Entity adapted from representation_map defined in ISO 10303-43.

HISTORY  New entity in IFC2x. Attributes

# Attribute Type Description
1 MappingOrigin IfcAxis2Placement An axis2 placement that defines the position about which the mapped

representation is mapped.
2 MappedRepresentationIfcRepresentation A representation that is mapped to at least one mapped item.
HasShapeAspects SET [0:?] OF IfcShapeAspect FOR PartOfProductDefinitionShapeReference to the shape aspect that represents part of the shape or its feature distinctively.

> IFC4 CHANGE  Inverse attribute added.
MapUsage SET [0:?] OF IfcMappedItem FOR MappingSource Entity inheritance

dot_inheritance IfcRepresentationMap IfcRepresentationMap Formal representations

ENTITY IfcRepresentationMap;
	MappingOrigin : IfcAxis2Placement;
	MappedRepresentation : IfcRepresentation;
	HasShapeAspects : SET [0:?] OF IfcShapeAspect FOR PartOfProductDefinitionShape;
	MapUsage : SET [0:?] OF IfcMappedItem FOR MappingSource;
	ApplicableMappedRepr : 'IFC4X3_DEV_a1492713.IFCSHAPEMODEL' IN TYPEOF(MappedRepresentation);