IFC 4.3.x development IfcText Semantic definitions at the entity

An IfcText is an alphanumeric string of characters which is intended to be read and understood by a human being. It is for information purposes only.


NOTE  Type adapted from text defined in ISO 10303-41.

HISTORY  New type in IFC2x.

NOTE  The set of characters that may appear in STRINGs exchanged in the exchange structure as defined in ISO 10303.21 is provided in ISO 10646. The encoding of characters in case of file-based exchange is defined in ISO 10303-21 and ISO 10303-28. Among else, these specifications define the encoding of 8-bit characters from ISO 8859-1...-16 and of 2-byte and 4-byte Unicode characters from ISO 10646.

Note that while IfcText is not formally restricted in length, the size of a string in ISO 10303-21 conforming exchange files must not exceed 32767 octets after encoding and escaping. Formal representations