IFC 4.3.x development Pset_EnvironmentalImpactIndicators Semantic definitions at the entity

Environmental impact indicators are related to a given “functional unit” (ISO 14040 concept). An example of functional unit is a "Double glazing window with PVC frame" and the unit to consider is "one square meter of opening elements filled by this product”. Indicators values are valid for the whole life cycle or only a specific phase (see LifeCyclePhase property). Values of all the indicators are expressed per year according to the expected service life. The first five properties capture the characteristics of the functional unit. The following properties are related to environmental indicators. There is a consensus agreement international for the five one. Last ones are not yet fully and formally agreed at the international level.

Name Type Description
AtmosphericAcidificationPerUnit IfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of gases responsible for the atmospheric acidification calculated in equivalent SO2
ClimateChangePerUnit IfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of greenhouse gases emitted calculated in equivalent CO2
EutrophicationPerUnit IfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of eutrophicating compounds calculated in equivalent PO4
ExpectedServiceLife IfcPropertySingleValueExpected service life in years.
FunctionalUnitReference IfcPropertySingleValueReference to a database or a classification
HazardousWastePerUnit IfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of hazardous waste generated
InertWastePerUnit IfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of inert waste generated
LifeCyclePhase IfcPropertySingleValueThe whole life cycle or only a given phase from which environmental data are valid.
NonHazardousWastePerUnit IfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of non hazardous waste generated
NonRenewableEnergyConsumptionPerUnit IfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of non-renewable energy used as defined in ISO21930:2007
PhotochemicalOzoneFormationPerUnit IfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of gases creating the photochemical ozone calculated in equivalent ethylene
RadioactiveWastePerUnit IfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of radioactive waste generated
Reference IfcPropertySingleValueReference ID for this specified type in this project (e.g. type 'A-1'), Also referred to as "construction type". It should be provided as an alternative to the name of the "object type", if the software does not support object types.
RenewableEnergyConsumptionPerUnit IfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of renewable energy used as defined in ISO21930:2007
ResourceDepletionPerUnit IfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of resources used calculated in equivalent antimony
StratosphericOzoneLayerDestructionPerUnitIfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of gases destroying the stratospheric ozone layer calculated in equivalent CFC-R11
TotalPrimaryEnergyConsumptionPerUnit IfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of energy used as defined in ISO21930:2007.
Unit IfcPropertySingleValueThe unit of the quantity the environmental indicators values are related with.
WaterConsumptionPerUnit IfcPropertySingleValueQuantity of water used.