IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development Time Quantity

The following diagram shows the generic classes and relationships used when applying this concept.

G IfcQuantityTime IfcQuantityTime QuantityName 1. Name [1:1] 2. Description [0:1]      HasExternalReferences [0:?]      PartOfComplex [0:1] 3. Unit [0:1] TimeValue 4. TimeValue [1:1] 5. Formula [0:1] IfcLabel_0 IfcLabel IfcQuantityTime:Name1->IfcLabel_0:IfcLabel0 IfcText IfcText IfcQuantityTime:Description1->IfcText:IfcText0 IfcTimeMeasure IfcTimeMeasure IfcQuantityTime:TimeValue1->IfcTimeMeasure:IfcTimeMeasure0 IfcLabel_1 IfcLabel IfcQuantityTime:Formula1->IfcLabel_1:IfcLabel0

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