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buildingSMART is the worldwide industry body driving the digital transformation of the built asset industry. buildingSMART is committed to delivering improvement by the creation and adoption of open, international standards and solutions for infrastructure and buildings. buildingSMART is the community for visionaries working to transform the design, construction, operation and maintenance of built assets. buildingSMART is an open, neutral and international not-for-profit organization.

buildingSMART is a global community of chapters, members, partners and sponsors led by the parent body, buildingSMART International. The buildingSMART community is committed to creating and developing open digital ways of working for the built asset industry. buildingSMART standards help asset owners and the entire supply chain work more efficiently and collaboratively through the entire project and asset lifecycle. Since it was incorporated in 1995, buildingSMART has focused on solving industry interoperability challenges. buildingSMART is a neutral, international forum for initiating, developing, creating and adoption of open digital standards for BIM processes.

Core Programs

buildingSMART is the international authority for a set of standards known as the Industry Foundation Class (IFC) which deal with process, data, terms and change management for the specification, management and effective utilization assets in the built asset industry. buildingSMART Compliance provides guidance and governance for certification of software, people, and organizations through compliance training and testing. The User program supports communication and collaboration among a global community of members, chapters, partners, and sponsors through a variety of online communication properties and through ongoing meetings, webinars, and biannual summits. Additionally, buildingSMART provides support for advancing BIM and the implementation of standards through a variety of services, including the buildingSMART Data Dictionary, openCDE APIs, BCF and related standards such as IDS and IDMs.

Who We Serve

Collectively these programs drive the development and active use of open internationally-recognized standards, applications, training and certification procedures. This helps to support the wider uptake of Building Information Modelling (BIM) by owners, operators, the architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) and facilities management (FM) industries across the buildings and infrastructure sectors.

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