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Defines the range of ways in which a faucet can be operated that may be specified where:

CeramicDisc: Quick action faucet with a ceramic seal to open or close the orifice . LeverHandle: Quick action faucet that is operated by a lever handle . NonConcussiveSelfClosing: Self closing faucet that does not induce surge pressure . QuarterTurn: Quick action faucet that can be fully opened or shut by turning the operating mechanism through 90 degrees. QuickAction: Faucet that can be opened or closed fully with a single small movement of the operating mechanism . ScrewDown: Faucet in which a plate or disc is moved, by the rotation of a screwed spindle, to close or open the orifice. SelfClosing: Faucet that is opened by pressure of the top of an operating spindle and is closed under the action of a spring or weight when the pressure is released. TimedSelfClosing: Self closing faucet that discharges for a predetermined period of time .

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