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A list of the available types of starter from which that required may be selected where:

AutoTransformer: A starter for an induction motor which uses for starting one or more reduced voltages derived from an auto transformer. (IEC 441-14-45) Manual: A starter in which the force for closing the main contacts is provided exclusively by manual energy. (IEC 441-14-39) DirectOnLine: A starter which connects the line voltage across the motor terminals in one step. (IEC 441-14-40) Frequency: A starter in which the frequency of the power supply is progressively increased until the normal operation frequency is attained. nStep: A starter in which there are (n-1) intermediate accelerating positions between the off and full on positions. (IEC 441-14-41) Rheostatic: A starter using one or several resistors for obtaining, during starting, stated motor torque characteristics and for limiting the current. (IEC 441-14-425) StarDelta: A starter for a 3 phase induction motor such that in the starting position the stator windings are connected in star and in the final running position they are connected in delta. (IEC 441-14-44)

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