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Enumeration that defines the types of toilet (water closet) arrangements that may be specified where:-

BedPanWasher: Enclosed soil appliance in which bedpans and urinal bottles are emptied and cleansed. Chemical: Portable receptacle or soil appliance that receives and retains excrement in either an integral or a separate container, in which it is chemically treated and from which it has to be emptied periodically. CloseCoupled: Toilet suite in which a flushing cistern is connected directly to the water closet pan. LooseCoupled: Toilet arrangement in which a flushing cistern is connected to the water closet pan through a flushing pipe. SlopHopper: Hopper shaped soil appliance with a flushing rim and outlet similar to those of a toilet pan, into which human excrement is emptied for disposal.

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