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A panel dry type extended surface filter is a dry-type air filter with random fiber mats or blankets in the forms of pockets, V-shaped or radial pleats, and include the following:

CoarseFilter: Filter with a efficiency lower than 30% for atmosphere dust-spot. CoarseMetalScreen: Filter made of metal screen. CoarseCellFoams: Filter made of cell foams. CoarseSpunGlass: Filter made of spun glass. MediumFilter: Filter with an efficiency between 30-98% for atmosphere dust-spot. MediumElectretFilter: Filter with fine electret synthetic fibers. MediumNaturalFiberFilter: Filter with natural fibers. HEPAFilter: High efficiency particulate air filter. ULPAFilter: Ultra low penetration air filter. MembraneFilters: Filter made of membrane for certain pore diameters in flat sheet and pleated form. A renewable media with a moving curtain viscous filter are random-fiber media coated with viscous substance in roll form or curtain where fresh media is fed across the face of the filter and the dirty media is rewound onto a roll at the bottom or to into a reservoir: RollForm: Viscous filter used in roll form. AdhesiveReservoir: Viscous filter used in moving curtain form. A renewable moving curtain dry media filter is a random-fiber dry media of relatively high porosity used in moving-curtain(roll) filters. An electrical filter uses electrostatic precipitation to remove and collect particulate contaminants.

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