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This enumeration identifies different types of built systems. Type values

Type Description

A grouping of elements into a built system for preventing unwanted relocation of material particles in earthworks slopes or rock faces. Typical types of erosion prevention include:

  • Planting
  • Solid
  • Framework
  • Anchored framework
  • Shotcrete
  • Screening
  • Geosynthetics (geotextiles)

System of doors, windows, and other fillings in openings in a built envelope that are designed to permit the passage of air or light.


System of shallow and deep foundation elements that transmit forces to the supporting ground.


System of built elements that transmit forces and stiffen the construction.


System of components and elements responsible for keeping or holding an element (a vessel, platform or set of catenary lines) in a desired position.


System of built elements that provide the outer skin to protect the construction (such as the facade).


System of elements providing pre-stressing to the structure, including typically manufactured products such as tendons, anchorages (active, dead, coupling), ducts, vents and deviators, and in-situ concrete segments, tendon spacers, blisters and additional reinforcements.


A set of functional tracks with explicit terminals. It is usually composed of a set of tracks with continuous track parts and alignments.


Railway track system. It is usually composed of continuous sequences of track parts and alignments.


System of elements providing reinforcing to the structure.


System of shading elements (external or internal) that permits the limitation or control of impact of natural sun light.


A track circuit is an electric circuit of which the rails of a track section form a part, with usually a source of current connected at one end and a detection device at the other end for detecting whether this track section is clear or occupied by a vehicle. In a continuous signalling system, the track circuit can be used to transmit information between the ground and the train. Note: definition from IEC 60050-82.


System of all transport elements in a facility that enable the transport of people or goods.


User-defined type


Undefined type.

Table Formal representation

TYPE IfcBuiltSystemTypeEnum = ENUMERATION OF
END_TYPE; References

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