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Defines characteristics of types (ranges) of manufactured products that may be given by the manufacturer. Note that the term 'manufactured' may also be used to refer to products that are supplied and identified by the supplier or that are assembled off site by a third party provider. HISTORY: This property set replaces the entity IfcManufacturerInformation from previous IFC releases. IFC 2x4: AssemblyPlace property added. Applicable entities Properties

Name Property Type Data Type Description
GlobalTradeItemNumber IfcPropertySingleValue IfcIdentifier

The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is an identifier for trade items developed by GS1 (www.gs1.org).

ArticleNumber IfcPropertySingleValue IfcIdentifier

Article number or reference that is be applied to a configured product according to a standard scheme for article number definition as defined by the manufacturer. It is often used as the purchasing number.

ModelReference IfcPropertySingleValue IfcLabel

The model number or designator of the product model (or product line) as assigned by the manufacturer of the manufactured item.

ModelLabel IfcPropertySingleValue IfcLabel

The descriptive model name of the product model (or product line) as assigned by the manufacturer of the manufactured item.

Manufacturer IfcPropertySingleValue IfcLabel

The organization that manufactured and/or assembled the item.

ProductionYear IfcPropertySingleValue IfcLabel

The year of production of the manufactured item.

AssemblyPlace IfcPropertyEnumeratedValue PEnum_AssemblyPlace

Enumeration defining where the assembly is intended to take place, either in a factory, other offsite location or on the building site.

OperationalDocument IfcPropertyReferenceValue IfcExternalReference

Manufacturer's operational document

SafetyDocument IfcPropertyReferenceValue IfcDocumentReference

Manufacturer's safety document

PerformanceCertificate IfcPropertyReferenceValue IfcDocumentReference

Manufacturer's performance certificate


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