IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development Qto_EarthworksCutBaseQuantities Semantic definition

Quantity set for Earthworks Cut Base. Applicable entities Properties

Name Data Type Description
Length IfcQuantityLength

The length of the object.

Width IfcQuantityLength

The width of the object. Only given, if the object has constant thickness (prismatic).

Depth IfcQuantityLength

The depth of the object.

Depth (one direction of the non-projected foot print area) of the slab. It shall only be provided, if the slab is rectangular.NOTE Also referred to as width, but not to be confused with the "Width" quantity, that denotes the thickness in the context of the slab.

UndisturbedVolume IfcQuantityVolume

Undisturbed Volume

LooseVolume IfcQuantityVolume

Volume of the earthworks when in a loose piled state

Weight IfcQuantityWeight

Total weight of object


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