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Chiller cooling capacity is a function of condensing temperature and evaporating temperature, data is in table form, Capacity = f (TempCon, TempEvp), capacity = a1+b1*Tei+c1*Tei\^2+d1*Tci+e1*Tci\^2+f1*Tei*Tci. This table uses multiple input variables; to represent, both DefiningValues and DefinedValues lists are null and IfcTable is attached using IfcResourceConstraintRelationship and IfcMetric. Columns are specified in the following order: 1.IfcPowerMeasure:Capacity 2.IfcThermodynamicTemperatureMeasure:CondensingTemperature 3.IfcThermodynamicTemperatureMeasure:EvaporatingTemperature

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