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This container defines the different predefined types of kinetic impact protectors that can specify an IfcImpactProtectionDevice or IfcImpactProtectionDeviceType. Type values

Type Description

A bumper is a buffer object at end of track that prevents driving over. It can be fixed on rails or the track panel, or can also be a natural element (e.g. rock, sand).


NOTE Definition from EN1317-1:2010: road vehicle energy absorption device installed in front of one or more hazards to reduce the severity of impact

NOTE Definition from ISO6707-1: energy-absorbing device installed in front of a rigid object to reduce the severity of impact of a vehicle, (Impact barrier, US)


An elastic element inserted between the superstructure (track and plate on slab track or ballast bed with ballast inserted in) and the tunnel structure (tunnel floor). Some of the elastic elements have a partial decoupling effect between the superstructure and underground due to vibrations. Both helical springs and elastomer blocks or elastomer strips can be used as suspension systems.


A passive or active device formed of a damper and impact panel that is mounted on the quayside to protect against vessel impact.


User-defined type


Undefined type.

Table Formal representation

TYPE IfcImpactProtectionDeviceTypeEnum = ENUMERATION OF
END_TYPE; References

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