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This container defines the different predefined types of earthworks cut elements that can specify an IfcEarthworksCut. Type values

Type Description

Excavation for basements of buildings, abutments of bridges or similar structures either partially or completely below ground level.


Excavation where soil or rock below topsoil is cut to the depth required for the construction of facilities such as roads and railways. The removed material can be used as fill (IfcEarthworksElement) for embankments or to form a level surface on which to build.


Underwater excavation to recover material or to create a greater depth of water.


General type of excavation when more accurate type is not specified.


Excavation that goes beyond the depth required for construction, in order to replace unsuitable material.


Removal of expired material from top of pavement to be replaced by new material.


Removal of the soft part of the existing road slope, where it is dug into steps, when widening a road.


Excavation where the topmost layer of soil containing organic material is cut or stripped. The removed topsoil can be used as fill (EarthworksElement) e.g. where planting is planned.


Excavation whose length greatly exceeds the depth and width. Trench is typically excavated for strip foundations or for buried services such as drainage or cabling.


User-defined type


Undefined type.

Table Formal representation

TYPE IfcEarthworksCutTypeEnum = ENUMERATION OF
END_TYPE; References

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