IFC (IFC4X3_ADD1) development Pset_CoilPHistory Semantic definition

Coil performance history common attributes. Sound attribute deleted in IFC2x2 Pset Addendum: Use IfcSoundProperties instead. Applicable entities Properties

Name Property Type Data Type Description
AtmosphericPressure IfcPropertyReferenceValue IfcTimeSeries

Ambient atmospheric pressure.

AirPressureDropCurveHistory IfcPropertyReferenceValue IfcTimeSeries

Air pressure drop curve, pressure drop – flow rate curve, AirPressureDrop = f (AirflowRate).

SoundCurveHistory IfcPropertyReferenceValue IfcTimeSeries

Regenerated sound versus air-flow rate.

FaceVelocity IfcPropertyReferenceValue IfcTimeSeries

Air velocity through the coil.


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  • property, AirPressureDropCurveHistory
  • property, SoundCurveHistory
  • property, AirPressureDropCurve
  • property, SoundCurve