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7.6 IfcPlumbingFireProtectionDomain

7.6.1 Schema definition

The IfcPlumbingFireProtectionDomain schema forms part of the Domain Layer of the IFC Model. It extends the ideas concerning building services outlined in the IfcSharedBldgServiceElements schema. It defines concepts in the domain of plumbing and fire protection.

The scope of the IfcPlumbingFireProtectionDomain, in conjunction with other building services related schemata, is the provision of plumbing and fire protection services to buildings.

In the case of plumbing, the scope includes for the provision of services external to the building up to the final manhole at which connection is made to the public drainage/sewage service provision. Particular exceptions to support building code checking requirements are made as outlined below.

In the case of fire protection, the scope includes for all services from the point at which a fire authority service is connected or the point at which the statutory water provider terminates the public connection.

In particular, IfcPlumbingFireProtectionDomain schema supports ideas including types of:

  • sanitary element concerned with personal and public hygiene,
  • trap on waste pipelines to prevent backflow and odor transmission,
  • interceptor to capture unwanted liquid and solid waste materials and prevent their passage into drainage pipelines,
  • waste disposal unit,
  • cowl terminating ventilation and rainwater pipes at their highest elevation,
  • automatic and manual terminal point that can be activated to extinguish fire,
  • hydrant that provide a source of water for hoses in the event of fire or other need for a temporary water supply.

The following are deemed to be out of scope of the IfcPlumbingFireProtectionDomain schema at this time:

  • public utility water and waste services

7.6.2 Types

  1. IfcFireSuppressionTerminalTypeEnum
  2. IfcInterceptorTypeEnum
  3. IfcSanitaryTerminalTypeEnum
  4. IfcStackTerminalTypeEnum
  5. IfcWasteTerminalTypeEnum

7.6.3 Entities

  1. IfcFireSuppressionTerminal
  2. IfcFireSuppressionTerminalType
  3. IfcInterceptor
  4. IfcInterceptorType
  5. IfcSanitaryTerminal
  6. IfcSanitaryTerminalType
  7. IfcStackTerminal
  8. IfcStackTerminalType
  9. IfcWasteTerminal
  10. IfcWasteTerminalType

7.6.4 Property Sets

  1. Pset_FireSuppressionTerminalTypeBreechingInlet
  2. Pset_FireSuppressionTerminalTypeCommon
  3. Pset_FireSuppressionTerminalTypeFireHydrant
  4. Pset_FireSuppressionTerminalTypeHoseReel
  5. Pset_FireSuppressionTerminalTypeSprinkler
  6. Pset_InterceptorTypeCommon
  7. Pset_SanitaryTerminalTypeBath
  8. Pset_SanitaryTerminalTypeBidet
  9. Pset_SanitaryTerminalTypeCistern
  10. Pset_SanitaryTerminalTypeCommon
  11. Pset_SanitaryTerminalTypeSanitaryFountain
  12. Pset_SanitaryTerminalTypeShower
  13. Pset_SanitaryTerminalTypeSink
  14. Pset_SanitaryTerminalTypeToiletPan
  15. Pset_SanitaryTerminalTypeUrinal
  16. Pset_SanitaryTerminalTypeWashHandBasin
  17. Pset_StackTerminalTypeCommon
  18. Pset_WasteTerminalTypeCommon
  19. Pset_WasteTerminalTypeFloorTrap
  20. Pset_WasteTerminalTypeFloorWaste
  21. Pset_WasteTerminalTypeGullySump
  22. Pset_WasteTerminalTypeGullyTrap
  23. Pset_WasteTerminalTypeRoofDrain
  24. Pset_WasteTerminalTypeWasteDisposalUnit
  25. Pset_WasteTerminalTypeWasteTrap

7.6.5 Quantity Sets

  1. Qto_FireSuppressionTerminalBaseQuantities
  2. Qto_InterceptorBaseQuantities
  3. Qto_SanitaryTerminalBaseQuantities
  4. Qto_StackTerminalBaseQuantities
  5. Qto_WasteTerminalBaseQuantities

7.6.6 Functions

No resources are available in this category.

7.6.7 Rules

No resources are available in this category.

7.6.8 PropertyEnumerations

  1. PEnum_BathType
  2. PEnum_BreechingInletCouplingType
  3. PEnum_BreechingInletType
  4. PEnum_CisternHeight
  5. PEnum_FireHydrantType
  6. PEnum_FlushType
  7. PEnum_FountainType
  8. PEnum_HoseNozzleType
  9. PEnum_HoseReelMountingType
  10. PEnum_HoseReelType
  11. PEnum_InletPatternType
  12. PEnum_ShowerType
  13. PEnum_SinkType
  14. PEnum_SprinklerActivation
  15. PEnum_SprinklerBulbLiquidColour
  16. PEnum_SprinklerResponse
  17. PEnum_SprinklerType
  18. PEnum_ToiletPanType
  19. PEnum_ToiletType
  20. PEnum_UrinalType
  21. PEnum_WashHandBasinType

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