IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development Pset_MarineVehicleCommon Semantic definition

Properties common to the definition of all occurrences of IfcTransportElement and types of IfcTransportElementType with the predefined type set to VEHICLEMARINE. Applicable entities Properties

Name Property Type Data Type Description
LengthBetweenPerpendiculars IfcPropertySingleValue IfcPositiveLengthMeasure

Length of vessel from rudder shaft to crossing point of the bow and the loaded waterline.

VesselDepth IfcPropertySingleValue IfcLengthMeasure

Depth of the vessel from the main deck to the keel.

VesselDraft IfcPropertySingleValue IfcLengthMeasure

Depth of vessel from the waterline to the keel (LightShip, Ballasted, Maximum)

AboveDeckProjectedWindEnd IfcPropertySingleValue IfcAreaMeasure

End on projected windage area above the main deck

AboveDeckProjectedWindSide IfcPropertySingleValue IfcAreaMeasure

Side on projected windage area above the main deck

Displacement IfcPropertySingleValue IfcMassMeasure

Weight of water displaced by the vessel

CargoDeadWeight IfcPropertySingleValue IfcMassMeasure

Weight of (bulk) cargo carried

LaneMeters IfcPropertySingleValue IfcLengthMeasure

Length of lanes accommodating vehicles on roll-on, roll-off vessels


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