IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development Pset_UnitaryControlElementPHistory Semantic definition

Properties for history and operating schedules of thermostats.

HISTORY: Added in IFC4. Applicable entities Properties

Name Property Type Data Type Description
Temperature IfcPropertyReferenceValue IfcTimeSeries

Temperature of the fluid.

Indicates the current measured temperature.

OperationModeHistory IfcPropertyReferenceValue IfcTimeSeries

Indicates operation mode corresponding to Pset_UnitaryControlTypeCommon.Mode. For example, 'HEAT', 'COOL', 'AUTO'.

Fan IfcPropertyReferenceValue IfcTimeSeries

Indicates fan operation where True is on, False is off, and Unknown is automatic.

SetPoint IfcPropertyReferenceValue IfcTimeSeries

Indicates the setpoint and label.

Indicates the temperature setpoint. For thermostats with setbacks or separate high and low setpoints, then the time series may contain a pair of values at each entry where the first value is the heating setpoint (low) and the second value is the cooling setpoint (high).


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