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The predefined type container that collects all possible marine facility types together into the implemented enumeration. Type values

Type Description

a sand ridge that rises slightly above the surface of the sea and runs roughly parallel to the shore, from which it is separated by a lagoon.


A longitudinal structure that protects a shore area, harbour, basin or estuary from waves. NOTE Definition in ISO 21650: structure protecting a shore area, harbour, anchorage and/or basin from waves NOTE Definition in ISO 6707: long structure in a body of water designed to protect a basin or the shore from waves


A man-made watercourse constructed usually, to join rivers, lakes or seas and often of a size suitable for navigation. NOTE definition in ISO 6707: channel constructed to carry water, usually for navigation, but which can also be used for water power, irrigation, collecting rainwater run-off , or drainage of surface water.


a Dry dock is an enclosed chamber (by gate) that allows the draining of water for the construction or repair of marine vessels. NOTE definition in ISO 6707: dock with gates from which water can be drained or pumped, leaving it dry to enable a vessel to be built or repaired


A spatial element that encompasses a floating dry dock and supporting quay side ancillaries.


A type of vessel launch & recovery facility, also known as a hydraulic lift dock, where ships are lifted vertically by water impounding systems, then floated laterally across the land to berths which subsequently become dry.


A berthing structure, that extends out into the sea usually perpendicular to the coastline, primarily for the transfer of liquid bulk materials. NOTE definition in ISO 21650: deck structure supported by vertical and possibly inclined piles extending into the sea, frequently in a direction normal to the coastline. NOTE definition in ISO 28640: facility consisting of a trestle or similar structure, berthing facilities including fendering and topside equipment to enable the transfer of LNG between ship and shore.


Subset of facilities for the function of launching or recovering vessels.


A subset of facilities with the primary function of protection or defence of a coastal or flood area.


A natural navigable watercourse (such as a river) that needs to be managed or have improvements applied. This includes defined navigational areas in open seas and bays. NOTE definition in ISO 6707: open passage for conveying or containing water


A complex/facility for shipping and marine activities, this includes cargo, people and storage of vessels (marinas & harbours).


a facility for the mooring of vessels accompanied with the loading and unloading of cargo or passengers or the maintenance of vessels.


A marine defensive structure made from earthworks, masonry or activities, built in such a way as to absorb the energy of incoming water.


A type of vessel launch & recovery facility, where ships are lifted vertically out of the water on platforms connected to winches, then transferred horizontally to land based berths on rail, wheel or track systems.


A facility used for raising and lowering boats, ships and other watercraft between stretches of water of different levels on rivers and canal waterways or between impounded basins. This is achieved via an impounded chamber of water which is filled and emptied.


A coastal/waterside facility where ships are built and repaired.


A facility for the dynamic launch or recovery of a vessel utilizing an inclined ramp and gravitational or mechanical hauling systems.


A subset of facilities that have the primary function of providing a navigable area of water.


A facility used for raising and lowering boats, ships and other watercraft between stretches of water of different levels on river and canal waterways or between impounded basins. This is achieved via an impounded trough of water which is mechanically lifted up and down.


User-defined type


Undefined type.

Table Formal representation

TYPE IfcMarineFacilityTypeEnum = ENUMERATION OF
END_TYPE; References

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