IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development IfcPipeSegmentTypeEnum Semantic definition

This enumeration is used to identify the primary purpose of a pipe segment. This is a very basic categorization mechanism to generically identify the pipe segment type. Subcategories of pipe segments are not enumerated. Type values

Type Description

A covered channel or large pipe that forms a watercourse below ground level, usually under a road or railway.


A flexible segment is a continuous non-linear segment of pipe that can be deformed and change the direction of flow.


A gutter segment is a continuous open-channel segment of pipe.


A rigid segment is continuous linear segment of pipe that cannot be deformed.


A type of rigid segment that is typically shorter and used for providing connectivity within a piping network.


User-defined segment.


Undefined segment.

Table Formal representation

TYPE IfcPipeSegmentTypeEnum = ENUMERATION OF
END_TYPE; References

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