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This enumeration defines the different types of IfcRailing or IfcRailingType that can be predefined using the enumeration values. Type values

Type Description

Guardrail located at the edge of a floor, rather then a stair or ramp. Examples are balustrades at roof-tops or balconies, or along a bridge or on top of a retaining wall.


NOTE Definition from ISO6707-1: non-load bearing vertical construction, usually lightweight, which bounds or subdivides an external area.


A type of railing designed to guard human or vehicle occupants from falling off a stair, ramp or landing where there is a vertical drop at the edge of such floors/landings, or to provide restraint to an errant road vehicle, installed on the central reserve of or alongside a road.


A type of railing designed to serve as an optional structural support for loads applied by human occupants (at hand height). Generally located adjacent to ramps and stairs. Generally floor or wall mounted.


User-defined railing element, a term to identify the user type is given by the attribute IfcRailing.ObjectType.


Undefined railing element, no type information available.

Table Formal representation

END_TYPE; References

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