IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development Pset_FireSuppressionTerminalTypeSprinkler Semantic definition

Device for sprinkling water from a pipe under pressure over an area (BS6100 100 3432) Applicable entities Properties

Name Property Type Data Type Description
SprinklerType IfcPropertyEnumeratedValue PEnum_SprinklerType

Identifies the predefined types of sprinkler from which the type required may be set.

Activation IfcPropertyEnumeratedValue PEnum_SprinklerActivation

Identifies the predefined methods of sprinkler activation from which that required may be set.

Response IfcPropertyEnumeratedValue PEnum_SprinklerResponse

Identifies the predefined methods of sprinkler response from which that required may be set.

ActivationTemperature IfcPropertySingleValue IfcThermodynamicTemperatureMeasure

The temperature at which the object is designed to activate.

CoverageArea IfcPropertySingleValue IfcAreaMeasure

The area that is covered by the object.

Indicates the area that the sprinkler is designed to protect.

HasDeflector IfcPropertySingleValue IfcBoolean

Indication of whether the sprinkler has a deflector (baffle) fitted to diffuse the discharge on activation (= TRUE) or not (= FALSE).

BulbLiquidColour IfcPropertyEnumeratedValue PEnum_SprinklerBulbLiquidColour

The colour of the liquid in the bulb for a bulb activated sprinkler. Note that the liquid colour varies according to the activation temperature requirement of the sprinkler head. Note also that this property does not need to be asserted for quick response activated sprinklers.

DischargeFlowRate IfcPropertySingleValue IfcVolumetricFlowRateMeasure

The volumetric rate of fluid discharge.

ResidualFlowingPressure IfcPropertySingleValue IfcPressureMeasure

The residual flowing pressure in the pipeline at which the discharge flow rate is determined.

DischargeCoefficient IfcPropertySingleValue IfcReal

The coefficient of flow at the sprinkler.

MaximumWorkingPressure IfcPropertySingleValue IfcPressureMeasure

Maximum pressure that the object is manufactured to withstand.

ConnectionSize IfcPropertySingleValue IfcPositiveLengthMeasure

The connection size of the object.

Inlet connection to sprinkler.


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