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8.1 IfcActorResource

8.1.1 Schema definition

The IfcActorResource schema within the IFC model enables representation of information concerning a person or an organization that will undertake work or hold responsibility. The IfcActorResource schema is developed as a separate resource schema containing identified actor related classes because it is a general idea that can be related to many other classes.

The classes and attributes within the IfcActorResource schema supports the identification of properties of persons and organizations whose services may be used. Additionally it supports relating persons to organizations, and relationships between organizations, such as to form hierarchical organization structures. The scope of the schema is to be sufficient for the purposes of a model dealing with project design and construction and for management of the constructed facility (within the scope of business processes supported by this release of the IFC model) following project completion. The information content of the schema is not sufficient for the exchange of detailed information about human resources.

8.1.2 Types

  1. IfcActorSelect
  2. IfcAddressTypeEnum
  3. IfcRoleEnum

8.1.3 Entities

  1. IfcActorRole
  2. IfcAddress
  3. IfcOrganization
  4. IfcOrganizationRelationship
  5. IfcPerson
  6. IfcPersonAndOrganization
  7. IfcPostalAddress
  8. IfcTelecomAddress

8.1.4 Property Sets

  1. Pset_Address

8.1.5 Quantity Sets

No resources are available in this category.

8.1.6 Functions

No resources are available in this category.

8.1.7 Rules

No resources are available in this category.

8.1.8 PropertyEnumerations

  1. PEnum_AddressType

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