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8.19 IfcStructuralLoadResource

8.19.1 Schema definition

The IfcStructuralLoadResource holds the definitions of structural loads, results, boundary conditions, and connection conditions. These definitions specify the force, moment, stiffness, displacement and other factors.

The load resource definitions are used in other parts of the IFC model, particularly by the definition of structural actions and reactions that places the load definitions into 2D or 3D space.

8.19.2 Types

  1. IfcModulusOfRotationalSubgradeReactionSelect
  2. IfcModulusOfSubgradeReactionSelect
  3. IfcModulusOfTranslationalSubgradeReactionSelect
  4. IfcRotationalStiffnessSelect
  5. IfcTranslationalStiffnessSelect
  6. IfcWarpingStiffnessSelect

8.19.3 Entities

  1. IfcBoundaryCondition
  2. IfcBoundaryEdgeCondition
  3. IfcBoundaryFaceCondition
  4. IfcBoundaryNodeCondition
  5. IfcBoundaryNodeConditionWarping
  6. IfcFailureConnectionCondition
  7. IfcSlippageConnectionCondition
  8. IfcStructuralConnectionCondition
  9. IfcStructuralLoad
  10. IfcStructuralLoadConfiguration
  11. IfcStructuralLoadLinearForce
  12. IfcStructuralLoadOrResult
  13. IfcStructuralLoadPlanarForce
  14. IfcStructuralLoadSingleDisplacement
  15. IfcStructuralLoadSingleDisplacementDistortion
  16. IfcStructuralLoadSingleForce
  17. IfcStructuralLoadSingleForceWarping
  18. IfcStructuralLoadStatic
  19. IfcStructuralLoadTemperature
  20. IfcSurfaceReinforcementArea

8.19.4 Property Sets

No resources are available in this category.

8.19.5 Quantity Sets

No resources are available in this category.

8.19.6 Functions

No resources are available in this category.

8.19.7 Rules

No resources are available in this category.

8.19.8 PropertyEnumerations

No resources are available in this category.

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