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This entity represents a person acting on behalf of an organization. Entity inheritance Attributes

# Attribute Type Description
IfcPersonAndOrganization (3)
1 ThePerson IfcPerson

The person who is related to the organization.

2 TheOrganization IfcOrganization

The organization to which the person is related.

3 Roles OPTIONAL LIST [1:?] OF IfcActorRole

Roles played by the person within the context of an organization. These may differ from the roles in ThePerson.Roles which may be asserted without organizational context.

Table Formal representation

ENTITY IfcPersonAndOrganization;
	ThePerson : IfcPerson;
	TheOrganization : IfcOrganization;
	Roles : OPTIONAL LIST [1:?] OF IfcActorRole;
END_ENTITY; References

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