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8.10 IfcMaterialResource

8.10.1 Schema definition

The schema IfcMaterialResource contains the types and entities that are used to define materials (substances, of which products are made of). Materials are defined generically.

Material definitions are distinguished by how they apply to elements or element types and by their components (layers, profiles, parts).

Material designation can be made for element occurrences to support a limited range of their parametric representation using

  1. a structured set of material layers IfcMaterialLayerSetUsage and how the layers relate to the reference axis or plane,
  2. a structured set of material profiles IfcMaterialProfileSetUsage and how the profiles relate to the reference axis.

Material designation can be made for element occurrences or element types without applying a parametric meaning using

  1. a set of material layers (with a specified configuration by sequence and thickness of material layers) IfcMaterialLayerSet, or
  2. a set of material profiles (with a specified configuration by positioning and outline profile of material profiles) IfcMaterialProfileSet, or
  3. a set of materials (without a specified configuration or structure) IfcMaterialConstituentSet, or
  4. as fallback by a single material IfcMaterial (including composite materials),

These options are exposed for association with IfcElement or IfcElementType and their subtypes through a select type IfcMaterialSelect. The association is realized by the objectified relationship IfcRelAssociatesMaterial, accessible by the inverse relationship AssociatedTo. Some associations to specific material entities may be restricted as not being appropriate within the specialized element or element type definitions.

The following material properties and information sets can be assigned to an IfcMaterialDefinition, or only to a single IfcMaterial.

  • Material properties;
  • Material classification and material library reference;
  • Material presentation in shape models (e.g. by color, hatching, rendering);
  • Relation to the ingredients of a material composite.

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{ .deprecated}

DEPRECATION Material designation by using IfcMaterialList is deprecated and should not be used. The classification of materials should not be done using IfcMaterialClassificationRelationship anymore (entity type deprecated); the IfcExternalReferenceRelationship in IfcExternalReferenceResource schema should be used instead.

8.10.2 Types

  1. IfcCardinalPointReference
  2. IfcDirectionSenseEnum
  3. IfcLayerSetDirectionEnum
  4. IfcMaterialSelect

8.10.3 Entities

  1. IfcMaterial
  2. IfcMaterialClassificationRelationship
  3. IfcMaterialConstituent
  4. IfcMaterialConstituentSet
  5. IfcMaterialDefinition
  6. IfcMaterialLayer
  7. IfcMaterialLayerSet
  8. IfcMaterialLayerSetUsage
  9. IfcMaterialLayerWithOffsets
  10. IfcMaterialList
  11. IfcMaterialProfile
  12. IfcMaterialProfileSet
  13. IfcMaterialProfileSetUsage
  14. IfcMaterialProfileSetUsageTapering
  15. IfcMaterialProfileWithOffsets
  16. IfcMaterialProperties
  17. IfcMaterialRelationship
  18. IfcMaterialUsageDefinition

8.10.4 Property Sets

  1. Pset_MaterialCombustion
  2. Pset_MaterialCommon
  3. Pset_MaterialConcrete
  4. Pset_MaterialEnergy
  5. Pset_MaterialFuel
  6. Pset_MaterialHygroscopic
  7. Pset_MaterialMechanical
  8. Pset_MaterialOptical
  9. Pset_MaterialSteel
  10. Pset_MaterialThermal
  11. Pset_MaterialWater
  12. Pset_MaterialWood
  13. Pset_MaterialWoodBasedStructure
  14. Pset_MechanicalBeamInPlane
  15. Pset_MechanicalBeamInPlaneNegative
  16. Pset_MechanicalBeamOutOfPlane
  17. Pset_MechanicalPanelInPlane
  18. Pset_MechanicalPanelOutOfPlane
  19. Pset_MechanicalPanelOutOfPlaneNegative

8.10.5 Quantity Sets

No resources are available in this category.

8.10.6 Functions

  1. IfcMlsTotalThickness

8.10.7 Rules

No resources are available in this category.

8.10.8 PropertyEnumerations

No resources are available in this category.

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