IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development IfcObjective Semantic definition

An IfcObjective captures qualitative information for an objective-based constraint.

IfcObjective is a subtype of IfcConstraint and may be associated with any subtype of IfcRoot through the IfcRelAssociatesConstraint relationship in the IfcControlExtension schema, or may be associated with IfcProperty by IfcResourceConstraintRelationship.

The aim of IfcObjective is to specify the purpose for which the constraint is applied and to capture the benchmark metrics of the constraint. Entity inheritance Attributes

# Attribute Type Description
IfcConstraint (9)
1 Name IfcLabel

A human-readable name to be used for the constraint.

2 Description OPTIONAL IfcText

A human-readable description that may apply additional information about a constraint.

3 ConstraintGrade IfcConstraintEnum

Enumeration that qualifies the type of constraint.

4 ConstraintSource OPTIONAL IfcLabel

Any source material, such as a code or standard, from which the constraint originated.

5 CreatingActor OPTIONAL IfcActorSelect

Person and/or organization that has created the constraint.

6 CreationTime OPTIONAL IfcDateTime

Time when information specifying the constraint instance was created.

7 UserDefinedGrade OPTIONAL IfcLabel

Allows for specification of user defined grade of the constraint beyond the enumeration values (hard, soft, advisory) provided by ConstraintGrade attribute of type IfcConstraintEnum. When a value is provided for attribute UserDefinedGrade in parallel the attribute ConstraintGrade shall have enumeration value USERDEFINED.

HasExternalReferences SET [0:?] OF IfcExternalReferenceRelationship FOR RelatedResourceObjects

Reference to an external references, e.g. library, classification, or document information, that are associated to the constraint.

PropertiesForConstraint SET [0:?] OF IfcResourceConstraintRelationship FOR RelatingConstraint

Reference to the properties to which the constraint is applied.

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IfcObjective (4)
8 BenchmarkValues OPTIONAL LIST [1:?] OF IfcConstraint

A list of nested constraints.

9 LogicalAggregator OPTIONAL IfcLogicalOperatorEnum

Enumeration that identifies the logical type of aggregation for the benchmark metrics.

10 ObjectiveQualifier IfcObjectiveEnum

Enumeration that qualifies the type of objective constraint.

11 UserDefinedQualifier OPTIONAL IfcLabel

A user defined value that qualifies the type of objective constraint when ObjectiveQualifier attribute of type IfcObjectiveEnum has value USERDEFINED.

Table Formal propositions

Name Description

The attribute UserDefinedQualifier must be asserted when the value of the ObjectiveQualifier is set to USERDEFINED.

(ObjectiveQualifier <> IfcObjectiveEnum.USERDEFINED) OR
((ObjectiveQualifier = IfcObjectiveEnum.USERDEFINED) AND EXISTS(SELF\IfcObjective.UserDefinedQualifier))
Table Formal representation

ENTITY IfcObjective
 SUBTYPE OF (IfcConstraint);
	BenchmarkValues : OPTIONAL LIST [1:?] OF IfcConstraint;
	LogicalAggregator : OPTIONAL IfcLogicalOperatorEnum;
	ObjectiveQualifier : IfcObjectiveEnum;
	UserDefinedQualifier : OPTIONAL IfcLabel;
	WR21 : (ObjectiveQualifier <> IfcObjectiveEnum.USERDEFINED) OR
((ObjectiveQualifier = IfcObjectiveEnum.USERDEFINED) AND EXISTS(SELF\IfcObjective.UserDefinedQualifier));
END_ENTITY; References

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