IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development Pset_AudioVisualApplianceTypeCamera Semantic definition

An audio-visual camera is a device that captures video, such as for security. HISTORY: Added in IFC4. Applicable entities Properties

Name Property Type Data Type Description
CameraType IfcPropertyEnumeratedValue PEnum_AudioVisualCameraType

Indicates the type of camera.

IsOutdoors IfcPropertySingleValue IfcBoolean

Indicates if camera is designed to be used outdoors.

VideoResolutionWidth IfcPropertySingleValue IfcInteger

Indicates the number of horizontal pixels (the largest native video resolution width).

VideoResolutionHeight IfcPropertySingleValue IfcInteger

Indicates the number of vertical pixels (the largest native video resolution height).

VideoResolutionMode IfcPropertyTableValue IfcLabel/IfcIdentifier

Indicates video resolution modes.

VideoCaptureInterval IfcPropertyTableValue IfcTimeMeasure/IfcIdentifier

Indicates video frame capture time intervals.

PanTiltZoomPreset IfcPropertyTableValue IfcLabel/IfcIdentifier

Indicates pan/tilt/zoom position presets.

PanHorizontal IfcPropertyBoundedValue IfcLengthMeasure

Indicates horizontal range for panning.

PanVertical IfcPropertyBoundedValue IfcLengthMeasure

Indicates vertical range for panning.

TiltHorizontal IfcPropertyBoundedValue IfcPlaneAngleMeasure

Indicates horizontal range for pivoting, where positive values indicate the camera rotating clockwise,

TiltVertical IfcPropertyBoundedValue IfcPlaneAngleMeasure

Indicates vertical range for pivoting, where 0.0 is level, +90 degrees is looking up, -90 degrees is looking down.

Zoom IfcPropertyBoundedValue IfcPositiveLengthMeasure

Indicates the zoom range.


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