IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development Pset_FanOccurrence Semantic definition

Fan occurrence attributes attached to an instance of IfcFan. Applicable entities Properties

Name Property Type Data Type Description
DischargeType IfcPropertyEnumeratedValue PEnum_FanDischargeType

Defines the type of connection at the fan discharge.

Duct: Discharge into ductwork. Screen: Discharge into screen outlet. Louver: Discharge into a louver. Damper: Discharge into a damper.

ApplicationOfFan IfcPropertyEnumeratedValue PEnum_FanApplicationType

The functional application of the fan.

SupplyAir: Supply air fan. ReturnAir: Return air fan. ExhaustAir: Exhaust air fan. Other: Other type of application not defined above.

CoilPosition IfcPropertyEnumeratedValue PEnum_FanCoilPosition

Defines the relationship between a fan and a coil.

DrawThrough: Fan located downstream of the coil. BlowThrough: Fan located upstream of the coil.

MotorPosition IfcPropertyEnumeratedValue PEnum_FanMotorPosition

Defines the location of the motor relative to the air stream.

InAirStream: Fan motor is in the air stream. OutOfAirStream: Fan motor is out of the air stream.

FanMountingType IfcPropertyEnumeratedValue PEnum_FanMountingType

Defines the method of mounting the fan in the building.

FractionOfMotorHeatToAirStream IfcPropertySingleValue IfcNormalisedRatioMeasure

Fraction of the motor heat released into the fluid flow.

ImpellerDiameter IfcPropertySingleValue IfcPositiveLengthMeasure

Diameter of object - used to scale performance of geometrically similar objects.


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