IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development IfcAppliedValueSelect Semantic definition

IfcAppliedValueSelect defines a value to be calculated within a formula.

Types are used as follows:

For cost values, the following guidance applies:

  • IfcMeasureWithUnit allows the specification of both the actual figure for the value together with the currency in which the value is represented.
  • Selecting IfcMonetaryMeasure allows the specification only of the value, the currency being as set by the global context.
  • Selecting IfcRatioMeasure assumes that the amount is a percentage or other REAL number. Note that if the amount is normally specified as -20%, then this figure will need to be converted to a multiplier of 0.8 Type values

Table Formal representation

TYPE IfcAppliedValueSelect = SELECT
END_TYPE; References

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