IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development IfcBoxAlignment Semantic definition

The box alignment specifies the alignment of the text box relative to its position. The following string values shall be used:

  • top-left
  • top-middle
  • top-right
  • middle-left
  • center
  • middle-right
  • bottom-left
  • bottom-middle
  • bottom-right

Figure illustrates alignment values. Figure illustrates use of alignment values together with the placement and planar extent.

9 alignment values
Figure — Box alignment values
use with planar extent
Figure — Box alignment examples Formal Propositions

SELF IN ['top-left', 'top-middle', 'top-right', 'middle-left', 'center', 'middle-right', 'bottom-left', 'bottom-middle', 'bottom-right']
Table Formal representation

TYPE IfcBoxAlignment = IfcLabel;
	 WR1 : SELF IN ['top-left', 'top-middle', 'top-right', 'middle-left', 'center', 'middle-right', 'bottom-left', 'bottom-middle', 'bottom-right'];
END_TYPE; References

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