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The IfcColourRgbList defines an ordered collection of RGB colour values. Each colour value is a fixed list of three colour components (red, green, blue). The attribute ColourList is a two-dimensional list, where:

  • first dimension is an unbounded list representing each colour value;
  • second dimension is a fixed list of three list members, where [1] is the red component, [2] the green component, and [3] the blue component. Entity inheritance Attributes

# Attribute Type Description
IfcColourRgbList (1)
1 ColourList LIST [1:?] OF LIST [3:3] OF IfcNormalisedRatioMeasure

List of colours defined by the red, green, blue components. All values are provided as a ratio of 0.0 ≤ value ≤ 1.0. When using 8bit for each colour channel, a value of 0.0 equals 0, a value of 1.0 equals 255, and values in between are interpolated.

Table Examples Formal representation

ENTITY IfcColourRgbList
 SUBTYPE OF (IfcPresentationItem);
	ColourList : LIST [1:?] OF LIST [3:3] OF IfcNormalisedRatioMeasure;
END_ENTITY; References

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