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IfcLightDistributionData defines the luminous intensity of a light source given at a particular main plane angle. It is based on some standardized light distribution curves; the MainPlaneAngle is either the

For each MainPlaneAngle (considered as being the row of a table) a list of _SecondaryPlaneAngle'_s are given (considered to be the columns of a table). They are either the:

For each pair of MainPlaneAngle and SecondaryPlaneAngle the LuminousIntensity is provided (the unit is given by the IfcUnitAssignment referring to the LuminousIntensityDistributionUnit, normally cd/klm). Entity inheritance Attributes

# Attribute Type Description
IfcLightDistributionData (3)
1 MainPlaneAngle IfcPlaneAngleMeasure

The main plane angle (A, B or C angles, according to the light distribution curve chosen).

2 SecondaryPlaneAngle LIST [1:?] OF IfcPlaneAngleMeasure

The list of secondary plane angles (the α, β or γ angles) according to the light distribution curve chosen.

3 LuminousIntensity LIST [1:?] OF IfcLuminousIntensityDistributionMeasure

The luminous intensity distribution measure for this pair of main and secondary plane angles according to the light distribution curve chosen.

Table Formal representation

ENTITY IfcLightDistributionData;
	MainPlaneAngle : IfcPlaneAngleMeasure;
	SecondaryPlaneAngle : LIST [1:?] OF IfcPlaneAngleMeasure;
	LuminousIntensity : LIST [1:?] OF IfcLuminousIntensityDistributionMeasure;
END_ENTITY; References

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