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The IfcSIUnit covers both standard base SI units such as meter and second, and derived SI units such as Pascal, square meter and cubic meter. Entity inheritance Attributes

# Attribute Type Description
IfcNamedUnit (2)
1 Dimensions IfcDimensionalExponents

The dimensional exponents of the SI base units by which the named unit is defined.

2 UnitType IfcUnitEnum

The type of the unit.

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IfcSIUnit (3)
3 Prefix OPTIONAL IfcSIPrefix

The SI Prefix for defining decimal multiples and submultiples of the unit.

4 Name IfcSIUnitName

The word, or group of words, by which the SI unit is referred to.

1* Dimensions IfcDimensionalExponents

This attribute is formally derived.

IfcDimensionsForSIUnit (SELF.Name)

The dimensional exponents of SI units are derived by function IfcDimensionsForSIUnit.

Table Formal representation

 SUBTYPE OF (IfcNamedUnit);
	Prefix : OPTIONAL IfcSIPrefix;
	Name : IfcSIUnitName;
	 SELF\IfcNamedUnit.Dimensions : IfcDimensionalExponents := IfcDimensionsForSIUnit (SELF.Name);
END_ENTITY; References

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