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# Attribute Type Description
IfcDimensionalExponents (7)
1 LengthExponent INTEGER

The power of the length base quantity.

2 MassExponent INTEGER

The power of the mass base quantity.

3 TimeExponent INTEGER

The power of the time base quantity.

4 ElectricCurrentExponent INTEGER

The power of the electric current base quantity.

5 ThermodynamicTemperatureExponent INTEGER

The power of the thermodynamic temperature base quantity.

6 AmountOfSubstanceExponent INTEGER

The power of the amount of substance base quantity.

7 LuminousIntensityExponent INTEGER

The power of the luminous intensity base quantity.

Table Examples Formal representation

ENTITY IfcDimensionalExponents;
	LengthExponent : INTEGER;
	MassExponent : INTEGER;
	TimeExponent : INTEGER;
	ElectricCurrentExponent : INTEGER;
	ThermodynamicTemperatureExponent : INTEGER;
	AmountOfSubstanceExponent : INTEGER;
	LuminousIntensityExponent : INTEGER;
END_ENTITY; References

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