IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development IfcSameValidPrecision Semantic definition

The function compares the epsilon values (given as Precision at IfcGeometricRepresentationContext and ensures that they are the same (with a derivation tolerance) and within reasonable min and max values. Formal representation

FUNCTION IfcSameValidPrecision
   (Epsilon1, Epsilon2 : REAL) : LOGICAL ;
    ValidEps1, ValidEps2 : REAL;
    DefaultEps           : REAL := 0.000001;
    DerivationOfEps      : REAL := 1.001;
    UpperEps             : REAL := 1.0;
    ValidEps1 := NVL(Epsilon1, DefaultEps);
    ValidEps2 := NVL(Epsilon2, DefaultEps);
    RETURN ((0.0 < ValidEps1) AND (ValidEps1 <= (DerivationOfEps * ValidEps2)) AND 
            (ValidEps2 <= (DerivationOfEps * ValidEps1)) AND (ValidEps2 < UpperEps));

END_FUNCTION; References

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