IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development IfcWorkTime Semantic definition

IfcWorkTime defines time periods that are used by IfcWorkCalendar for either describing working times or non-working exception times. Besides start and finish dates, a set of time periods can be given by various types of recurrence patterns.

A work time should have a meaningful name that describes the time periods (for example, working week, holiday name). Non-recurring time periods should have a start date (IfcWorkTime.Start) and a finish date (IfcWorkTime.Finish). In that case it is assumed that the time period begins at 0:00 on the start date and ends at 24:00 on the finish date.

The start and finish date is optional if a recurrence pattern is given (IfcWorkTime.RecurrencePattern). They then restrict never-ending recurrence patterns. Entity inheritance Attributes

# Attribute Type Description
IfcSchedulingTime (3)
1 Name OPTIONAL IfcLabel

Optional name for the time definition.

2 DataOrigin OPTIONAL IfcDataOriginEnum

Specifies the origin of the scheduling time entity. It currently differentiates between predicted, simulated, measured, and user defined values.

3 UserDefinedDataOrigin OPTIONAL IfcLabel

Value of the data origin if DataOrigin attribute is USERDEFINED.

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IfcWorkTime (3)
4 RecurrencePattern OPTIONAL IfcRecurrencePattern

Recurrence pattern that defines a time period, which, if given, is valid within the time period defined by IfcWorkTime.Start and IfcWorkTime.Finish.

5 StartDate OPTIONAL IfcDate

No description available.

6 FinishDate OPTIONAL IfcDate

No description available.

Table Examples Formal representation

ENTITY IfcWorkTime
 SUBTYPE OF (IfcSchedulingTime);
	RecurrencePattern : OPTIONAL IfcRecurrencePattern;
	StartDate : OPTIONAL IfcDate;
	FinishDate : OPTIONAL IfcDate;
END_ENTITY; References

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  • New resource IFC4.3_DEV_a2a825a

  • attribute Finish name, Changed from "Finish" to "FinishDate"
  • attribute Start name, Changed from "Start" to "StartDate"