IFC (IFC4X3_ADD2) under development Material Set

Composite or multiple materials may be described using a material set. There are three types of material sets to choose from:

  • Layer sets - layered materials with a thickness that fills a boundary
  • Profile sets - when materials are extruded along a profiled shape
  • Constituent sets - when materials are either homogenously mixed, or arbitrarily placed

The material is defined by either IfcMaterialLayerSet, IfcMaterialProfileSet, or IfcMaterialConstituentSet and related using IfcRelAssociatesMaterial.RelatingMaterial. Independent of the material used, each layer, profile, or constituent within the set may be identified using a name and category.

The following diagram shows the generic classes and relationships used when applying this concept. In addition, concepts may have particular importance to common or standardised industry practices and scenarios. For these specific usage scenarios, the table below shows a recommended list of general usage patterns that users may adopt.

G IfcObjectDefinition IfcObjectDefinition 1. GlobalId [1:1] 2. OwnerHistory [0:1] 3. Name [0:1] 4. Description [0:1]      HasAssignments [0:?]      Nests [0:1]      IsNestedBy [0:?]      HasContext [0:1]      IsDecomposedBy [0:?]      Decomposes [0:1]      HasAssociations [0:?] IfcRelAssociatesMaterial IfcRelAssociatesMaterial 1. GlobalId [1:1] 2. OwnerHistory [0:1] 3. Name [0:1] 4. Description [0:1] 5. RelatedObjects [1:?] 6. RelatingMaterial [1:1] IfcObjectDefinition:HasAssociations1->IfcRelAssociatesMaterial:RelatedObjects0 IfcMaterialLayerSet IfcMaterialLayerSet      AssociatedTo [0:?]      HasExternalReferences [0:?]      HasProperties [0:?] 1. MaterialLayers [1:?] 2. LayerSetName [0:1] 3. Description [0:1] IfcRelAssociatesMaterial:RelatingMaterial1->IfcMaterialLayerSet:IfcMaterialLayerSet0 IfcMaterialProfileSet IfcMaterialProfileSet      AssociatedTo [0:?]      HasExternalReferences [0:?]      HasProperties [0:?] 1. Name [0:1] 2. Description [0:1] 3. MaterialProfiles [1:?] 4. CompositeProfile [0:1] IfcRelAssociatesMaterial:RelatingMaterial1->IfcMaterialProfileSet:IfcMaterialProfileSet0 IfcMaterialConstituentSet IfcMaterialConstituentSet      AssociatedTo [0:?]      HasExternalReferences [0:?]      HasProperties [0:?] 1. Name [0:1] 2. Description [0:1] 3. MaterialConstituents [1:?] IfcRelAssociatesMaterial:RelatingMaterial1->IfcMaterialConstituentSet:IfcMaterialConstituentSet0 IfcMaterialLayer IfcMaterialLayer      AssociatedTo [0:?]      HasExternalReferences [0:?]      HasProperties [0:?] 1. Material [0:1] 2. LayerThickness [1:1] 3. IsVentilated [0:1] Name 4. Name [0:1] 5. Description [0:1] 6. Category [0:1] 7. Priority [0:1]      ToMaterialLayerSet [1:1] IfcMaterialLayerSet:MaterialLayers1->IfcMaterialLayer:IfcMaterialLayer0 IfcMaterialProfile IfcMaterialProfile      AssociatedTo [0:?]      HasExternalReferences [0:?]      HasProperties [0:?] Name 1. Name [0:1] 2. Description [0:1] 3. Material [0:1] 4. Profile [1:1] 5. Priority [0:1] 6. Category [0:1]      ToMaterialProfileSet [1:1] IfcMaterialProfileSet:MaterialProfiles1->IfcMaterialProfile:IfcMaterialProfile0 IfcMaterialConstituent IfcMaterialConstituent      AssociatedTo [0:?]      HasExternalReferences [0:?]      HasProperties [0:?] Name 1. Name [0:1] 2. Description [0:1] 3. Material [1:1] 4. Fraction [0:1] 5. Category [0:1]      ToMaterialConstituentSet [1:1] IfcMaterialConstituentSet:MaterialConstituents1->IfcMaterialConstituent:IfcMaterialConstituent0 IfcLabel_0 IfcLabel IfcMaterialLayer:Name1->IfcLabel_0:IfcLabel0 IfcMaterial_0 IfcMaterial      AssociatedTo [0:?]      HasExternalReferences [0:?]      HasProperties [0:?] 1. Name [1:1] 2. Description [0:1] 3. Category [0:1]      HasRepresentation [0:1]      IsRelatedWith [0:?]      RelatesTo [0:1] IfcMaterialLayer:Material1->IfcMaterial_0:IfcMaterial0 IfcLabel_1 IfcLabel IfcMaterialProfile:Name1->IfcLabel_1:IfcLabel0 IfcMaterial_1 IfcMaterial      AssociatedTo [0:?]      HasExternalReferences [0:?]      HasProperties [0:?] 1. Name [1:1] 2. Description [0:1] 3. Category [0:1]      HasRepresentation [0:1]      IsRelatedWith [0:?]      RelatesTo [0:1] IfcMaterialProfile:Material1->IfcMaterial_1:IfcMaterial0 IfcLabel_2 IfcLabel IfcMaterialConstituent:Name1->IfcLabel_2:IfcLabel0 IfcMaterial_2 IfcMaterial      AssociatedTo [0:?]      HasExternalReferences [0:?]      HasProperties [0:?] 1. Name [1:1] 2. Description [0:1] 3. Category [0:1]      HasRepresentation [0:1]      IsRelatedWith [0:?]      RelatesTo [0:1] IfcMaterialConstituent:Material1->IfcMaterial_2:IfcMaterial0

General Usage

IfcActuator Casing Casing Casing
IfcAirTerminal Casing Casing Casing
IfcAirTerminalBox Casing Casing Casing
IfcAirToAirHeatRecovery Casing Casing Casing
IfcAirToAirHeatRecovery Media Media Media
IfcAlarm Casing Casing Casing
IfcAudioVisualAppliance Casing Casing Casing
IfcBeam LoadBearing LoadBearing LoadBearing
IfcBoiler Casing Casing Casing
IfcBurner Casing Casing Casing
IfcBurner Fuel Fuel Fuel
IfcCableCarrierFitting Casing Casing Casing
IfcCableCarrierSegment Casing Casing Casing
IfcCableFitting Casing Casing Casing
IfcCableFitting Conductor Conductor Conductor
IfcCableSegment Conductor Conductor Conductor
IfcCableSegment Insulation Insulation Insulation
IfcCableSegment Screen Screen Screen
IfcCableSegment Sheath Sheath Sheath
IfcChiller Casing Casing Casing
IfcChiller Refrigerant Refrigerant Refrigerant
IfcCoil Casing Casing Casing
IfcColumn LoadBearing LoadBearing LoadBearing
IfcCommunicationsAppliance Casing Casing Casing
IfcCompressor Casing Casing Casing
IfcCompressor Refrigerant Refrigerant Refrigerant
IfcCondenser Casing Casing Casing
IfcCondenser Refrigerant Refrigerant Refrigerant
IfcController Casing Casing Casing
IfcCooledBeam Casing Casing Casing
IfcCoolingTower Casing Casing Casing
IfcCoolingTower Fill Fill Fill
IfcCovering Back Back Back
IfcCovering Fill Fill Fill
IfcCovering Finish Finish Finish
IfcCovering Front Front Front
IfcCovering Lining Lining Lining
IfcCovering Trim Trim Trim
IfcDamper Blade Blade Blade
IfcDamper Frame Frame Frame
IfcDamper Seal Seal Seal
IfcDistributionChamberElementBase Base Base
IfcDistributionChamberElementCover Cover Cover
IfcDistributionChamberElementFill Fill Fill
IfcDistributionChamberElementWall Wall Wall
IfcDoor Framing Framing Framing
IfcDoor Glazing Glazing Glazing
IfcDoor Lining Lining Lining
IfcDuctFitting Casing Casing Casing
IfcDuctFitting Coating Coating Coating
IfcDuctFitting Insulation Insulation Insulation
IfcDuctFitting Lining Lining Lining
IfcDuctSegment Casing Casing Casing
IfcDuctSegment Coating Coating Coating
IfcDuctSegment Insulation Insulation Insulation
IfcDuctSegment Lining Lining Lining
IfcDuctSilencer Casing Casing Casing
IfcElectricAppliance Casing Casing Casing
IfcElectricDistributionBoard Casing Casing Casing
IfcElectricFlowStorageDevice Casing Casing Casing
IfcElectricGenerator Casing Casing Casing
IfcElectricMotor Casing Casing Casing
IfcElectricTimeControl Casing Casing Casing
IfcEngine Casing Casing Casing
IfcEvaporativeCooler Casing Casing Casing
IfcEvaporativeCooler Media Media Media
IfcEvaporator Casing Casing Casing
IfcEvaporator Refrigerant Refrigerant Refrigerant
IfcFan Casing Casing Casing
IfcFan Wheel Wheel Wheel
IfcFilter Casing Casing Casing
IfcFilter Media Media Media
IfcFireSuppressionTerminal Casing Casing Casing
IfcFireSuppressionTerminal Damping Damping Damping
IfcFlowInstrument Casing Casing Casing
IfcFlowMeter Casing Casing Casing
IfcFurniture Finish Finish Finish
IfcFurniture Frame Frame Frame
IfcFurniture Hardware Hardware Hardware
IfcFurniture Padding Padding Padding
IfcFurniture Panel Panel Panel
IfcHeatExchanger Casing Casing Casing
IfcHumidifier Casing Casing Casing
IfcInterceptor Casing Casing Casing
IfcInterceptor Cover Cover Cover
IfcInterceptor Strainer Strainer Strainer
IfcJunctionBox Casing Casing Casing
IfcLamp Bulb Bulb Bulb
IfcLamp Conductor Conductor Conductor
IfcLamp Filament Filament Filament
IfcLightFixture Casing Casing Casing
IfcMedicalDevice Casing Casing Casing
IfcMember LoadBearing LoadBearing LoadBearing
IfcMotorConnection Casing Casing Casing
IfcOutlet Casing Casing Casing
IfcOutlet Conductor Conductor Conductor
IfcOutlet Surface Surface Surface
IfcPipeFitting Casing Casing Casing
IfcPipeFitting Coating Coating Coating
IfcPipeFitting Insulation Insulation Insulation
IfcPipeFitting Lining Lining Lining
IfcPipeSegment Casing Casing Casing
IfcPipeSegment Coating Coating Coating
IfcPipeSegment Insulation Insulation Insulation
IfcPipeSegment Lining Lining Lining
IfcPlate LoadBearing LoadBearing LoadBearing
IfcProtectiveDevice Casing Casing Casing
IfcPump Casing Casing Casing
IfcPump Impeller Impeller Impeller
IfcPump Seal Seal Seal
IfcReinforcingBar Coating Coating Coating
IfcReinforcingBar Core Core Core
IfcSanitaryTerminal Casing Casing Casing
IfcSensor Casing Casing Casing
IfcSlab Insulation Insulation Insulation
IfcSlab LoadBearing LoadBearing LoadBearing
IfcSolarDevice Casing Casing Casing
IfcSpaceHeater Casing Casing Casing
IfcStackTerminal Casing Casing Casing
IfcSwitchingDevice Casing Casing Casing
IfcSwitchingDevice Conductor Conductor Conductor
IfcSwitchingDevice Surface Surface Surface
IfcSystemFurnitureElement Finish Finish Finish
IfcSystemFurnitureElement Frame Frame Frame
IfcSystemFurnitureElement Hardware Hardware Hardware
IfcSystemFurnitureElement Padding Padding Padding
IfcSystemFurnitureElement Panel Panel Panel
IfcTank Casing Casing Casing
IfcTransformer Casing Casing Casing
IfcTubeBundle Casing Casing Casing
IfcUnitaryControlElement Casing Casing Casing
IfcUnitaryEquipment Casing Casing Casing
IfcValve Casing Casing Casing
IfcValve Operation Operation Operation
IfcVibrationIsolator Casing Casing Casing
IfcVibrationIsolator Damping Damping Damping
IfcWall Insulation Insulation Insulation
IfcWall LoadBearing LoadBearing LoadBearing
IfcWasteTerminal Casing Casing Casing
IfcWasteTerminal Cover Cover Cover
IfcWindow Framing Framing Framing
IfcWindow Glazing Glazing Glazing
IfcWindow Lining Lining Lining

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