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IfcCostValue is an amount of money or a value that affects an amount of money.

Each instance of IfcCostValue may also have a category. There are many possible types of cost value that may be identified. While there is a broad understanding of the meaning of names that may be assigned to different types of costs, there is no general standard for naming cost types nor are there any broadly defined classifications.

The following defines some cost categories that might be applied to the Category attribute:

  • Annual rate of return
  • Bonus
  • Bulk purchase rebate
  • Contract
  • Consultancy
  • Delivery
  • Estimated cost
  • Hire
  • Installation
  • Interest rate
  • Labor
  • Lease
  • List price
  • Maintenance
  • Material
  • Overhead
  • Postage and packing
  • Profit
  • Purchase
  • Rental
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Sale
  • Small quantity surcharge
  • Spares
  • Storage
  • Sub-Contract
  • Trade discount
  • Transportation
  • Waste allowance
  • Whole life Entity inheritance Attributes

# Attribute Type Description
IfcAppliedValue (11)
1 Name OPTIONAL IfcLabel

A name or additional clarification given to a cost value.

2 Description OPTIONAL IfcText

The description that may apply additional information about a cost value.

3 AppliedValue OPTIONAL IfcAppliedValueSelect

The extent or quantity or amount of an applied value.

4 UnitBasis OPTIONAL IfcMeasureWithUnit

The number and unit of measure on which the unit cost is based.

Note: As well as the normally expected units of measure such as length, area, volume etc., costs may be based on units of measure which need to be defined e.g. sack, drum, pallet, item etc. Unit costs may be based on quantities greater (or lesser) than a unitary value of the basis measure. For instance, timber may have a unit cost rate per X meters where X > 1; similarly for cable, piping and many other items. The basis number may be either an integer or a real value.

Note: This attribute should be asserted for all circumstances where the cost to be applied is per unit quantity. It may be asserted even for circumstances where an item price is used, in which case the unit cost basis should be by item (or equivalent definition).

5 ApplicableDate OPTIONAL IfcDate

The date on or from which an applied value is applicable.

6 FixedUntilDate OPTIONAL IfcDate

The date until which applied value is applicable.

7 Category OPTIONAL IfcLabel

Specification of the type of cost used.

In the absence of any well defined standard, it is recommended that local agreements should be made to define allowable and understandable cost value types within a project or region.

8 Condition OPTIONAL IfcLabel

The condition under which a cost value applies.

For example, within the context of a bid submission, this may refer to an option that may or may not be elected.

9 ArithmeticOperator OPTIONAL IfcArithmeticOperatorEnum

The arithmetic operator applied to component values.

10 Components OPTIONAL LIST [1:?] OF IfcAppliedValue

Optional component values from which AppliedValue is calculated.

HasExternalReference SET [0:?] OF IfcExternalReferenceRelationship FOR RelatedResourceObjects

Reference to an external reference, e.g. library, classification, or document information, that is associated to the IfcAppliedValue.

Table Formal representation

ENTITY IfcCostValue
 SUBTYPE OF (IfcAppliedValue);
END_ENTITY; References

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